Two main activities were carried out during implementation period of the project. These activities which are composed of family interviews and workshops with children were completed in approximately ten months and a report was prepared about the subject.

First of the activities is informative meetings with the families of children who would participate in the project. In the first interviews, families have been informed about the project and have signed the permission documents. Information forms about the child and the family have been filled up later on. At the second part of the family interviews, project results have been shared with the families.

In the second part of the activities, a questionnaire was filled up by 87 Turkish children aged between 7 and 15 years in order to learn their feelings about the events they witnessed at home, at school, on the street, at work and in the media; incidents or situations they saw or witnessed in their surroundings and their feelings and thoughts about them have been discussed. According to the age groups, painting, story or photography workshops were carried out; slogans and posters were prepared.