Mahmut is 12 years old. He has blonde hair, is tall, hardworking 6th grade student.

One day, Mahmut had fooled and had acted with impudence in the school. He put his teacher out of temper. When the teacher got angry, he had lost his self control and had beated Mahmut. The next day, Mahmut had brought his parents into school. And a fight had started between the teacher and his father.

Father:"How could you beat my son..."

Teacher:He began being impudent, and misbehaved. I couldn’t control myself...

Mahmut:"Dad, I didn’t bring you here for fighting. I feel so bad about myself."

Father:"In any case, you shouldn’t have beaten him, you should have called me."

Mahmut:"Teacher and dad, I am not going to be impudent and misbehave again. I promise you."

After promising to his parents and his teacher, Mahmut has never misbehaved or been impudent again, and he won his teachers’ favour.

PROTAGONISTS: Mahmut, His Dad,His Teacher
CASE:Mahmut’s misbehaviour and impudency.
CONCLUSION:After his promise, Mahmut had became a well-behaved child.