Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Ayşegül. Ayşegül was a very good girl, a truehearted, good girl. Ayşegül turned seven and started school. She was going to first grade. The class she attends was a bit naughty. Ayşegül treated them so well because she doesn’t know they were naughty. But her classmates didn’t treat her well but Ayşegül treated them very well. Ayşegül said to her friend:

- My friend, can I take your pencil sharpener?

Her friend said:

- No, of course I can’t give it.

Because her friends didn’t like her. Ayşegül said:

- Why don’t you give your sharpener to me? Yet I give my everything to you. Why don’t you like me?

Her friend answered:

- Because you are too ugly. You are very bad person. Do you understand? Now go away, go, he / she shouted.

Ayşegül thought “I wont’ love those who doesn’t love me anymore”. School was over and she went home. She broke a plate by mistake and her mother got angry with her a bit and Ayşegül shouted at her saying ”Why are you shouting?” and Ayşegül felt so bad. When she went to school, her friend asked for her eraser. Ayşegül shouted at her and Ayşegül felt bad again. Her friend said:

- Why are you shouting Ayşegül? You were not a person like this.

Her friends didn’t like Ayşegül shouting at them. Something occured to them. They gathered and said “We were also shouting at her. The best is to apologize from her and she treats us well and we also treat her well. And they gathered, apologized. Ayşegül got emotional and shed a few tears. And they all became good friends.

CHARACTERS: Ayşegül, her mother, her friends
LOCATION: Classroom
EVENT: Ayşegül’s friends don’t like her until they apologize from her
RESULT: Ayşegül’s friends don’t shout at her, don’t make her upset and they like her.