Once upon a time, there was a girl. Then, her mother has registered her for school. Then the mother went to school with her daughter. They entered to the room of the principal. The principal asked her which class was her daughter in. The mother said that she was 6th grade, then the principal said them “Then we should take her into class 6/E”. Then she started to study in 6/E. Tomorrow happened the girl went to the school math teacher came into the class then everybody stood up the teacher told everybody to “sit” then they sat down.

Bell ringed there was a girl called Sevda.Then, Sevda and Merve was together until the 1st grade. Her friend Merve hated her, too.

Then a few months passed then teacher asked Sevda to solve a problem Sevda stood up and did nothing then when she was in 1st grade her teacher she didn’t know how to read or write the teacher told her to sit down then bell ringed.

There was a boy called Adem. He was making fun of her then she felt upset then the teacher entered to class and asked Sevda about what happened she didn’t replied.

The next day Sevda frightened Selma then she asked about why she was doing that she replied as she thought she was not afraid Sevda beatened her cried again then shushed.

The next day Zilan, Rabia, Merve said that they don’t care Rabia, Merve, Zilan got very angry.The next day Sevda felt better and she didn’t fiddle with anyone and no one fiddled with Sevda. Then they became good friends.

CASE:Treating bad to a girl
CONCLUSION:Sevda became a good person