Hello, our name are Mert, Aylin, Ezgi and Eray. We have experienced very interesting incident. And we decided to tell you. That day Aylin told us:

-Friends, I wonder about Delibaşlar Street. In the houses of this street, bad people live there. And no one can go there. After that, Mert gave us a new idea.

- Friends, shall we as four of us go to Delibaşlar Street?, she asked. We accepted and decided to meet up in Delibaslar Street at 2.30. Then we met and went to Delibaslar Street excitedly. The streets were very scared, mysterious and narrow. The bad smell was coming from every corner. After that Eray:

- Friends, I am so scared, I will go. This place is so dreadful.

Aylin irritatedly:

- Yes, Yes! I am so perturbed. However, this perturbation should be protected. Now, why did we come here?

Ezgi cheerfully:

-Of course, we came here to beat the bad people.


-I think, we should make them study again because these people are the people who have left their family and didn’t study. They may come to their senses. Also, I would help them.

And Eray stumbled over a piece of rock and fell down. Mert started to talk a lot. Let’s give an example:

-No, no I can’t stay calm here. There must be Dabbes (a kind of evil) around here. If there are Dabbes around, they may put a spell on us. Dear mom, so that was our last day! Definitely, they are so terrifying. We will die, we will die. Help us. I wonder if people from our neighbourhood heard us. Meanwhile time flew and we saw a few guys there.


- “Mom help me” said wabbly. The guy over there , what are you doing here, impudent.Ezgi:

- Whaat! Lan(a bad Turkish word) is a very bad word. Also what do you mean by impudent! Be nice and kind!Other guy:

-We are done with being nice and kind.

Aylin immediately:

- Have you ever studied? Do you know studying is something so good, I think you should study. Also, I can help you.Other guy:

- You didn’t understand, I guess, we live here. Is there any school around? Haa? After that Eray:

- Don’t you ever miss your family! Aren’t you done with drugs and alcohol? You have only one life. Instead of living in a nice way, you are doing stupid things. What is this bootlegging? The guy with rosary who was chewing gum:

-Meh! Shut up!After that Mert:

-We will be regretful before you die! I am telling you. Don’t you miss your family and your siblings? Then we went back and they moved out to their family’s place and they studied. That means that they regretted. We told them they would regret. May I give you a secret? They became more hardworking then us.

• Aylin: smart, uneasy, know-it-all.
• Eray: funny. goofy, tepid, clumsy, coward
• Ezgi: full of joy, kind, nice, emotional
• Mert: happy, clumsy, talkative

PLACE: Unknown side streets

CASE: When they left school, they decided to go to Delibaslar neighbourhood where no one goes. And only drug dealers, drunken people and bootleggers can go into and in this street major incidents happen.

CONCLUSION: Bootleggers, drug addicts and dealers and, drunken people become good people.