Yes, one day I was going to school. The lesson was over. I saw my friend when I was leaving school. But there were two strange older brothers with him / her. And my friend was crying. He / she didn’t have acquaintance, too. Then I called out to my friend. I noticed that older brothers heard my voice. I was terrified. Older brothers took my friend and ran away. I was very upset. And scared. So I called the police. And I chased. Because he / she doesn’t come to school with his / her mother. Neither do I. But I guess I will from now on. He / she came to a very bad place. Police brothers had come, too. They swept in right away and brought my friend. My friend was so happy when he / she saw me. I was happy, too. Then we went home. Our mothers were also very scared. Our friend also brought to tünel and we were going to school with our mothers. And we were happy afterwards.

CHARACTERS: I, my friend, thieves
LOCATION: Running to a tunnel after school
EVENT: Kidnapping of my firend
RESULT: Us leaving school with a grown-up and not to go next to people whom we don’t know