One day there was a woman named Gülseren who was going to bazaar. Gülseren was suddenly hit by a man without driving license. And there was a woman named Dilara. These two didn’t meet each other. Anyways, they were taken to the hospital. Because both of them were pregnant. Their children were girls and Dilara’s daughter was Cansu, Gülseren’s was Hazal. Their surnames were Gürpınar and Gülpınar. Hazal and Cansu got mixed at hospital. Cihan is Dilara’s spouse, Özkan Gülseren died.

• No big editions has been made in order to keep the authenticity of the texts. However, by looking at the TV show which the story originates, it is being estimated that “Özkan Gülseren died” means “Cihan is Dilara’s spouse, Özkan is Gülseren’s. Gülseren died."