One morning when Ali got up, he went out saying “Mommy, good morning”. Later he saw his friend Ayşe “Hello Ayşe. What are you doing Ayşe?”. “I am fine Ali. Thank you” she said and Ali went back home it was late. And his mother said to Ali “Can you run to the fish store and buy fish my son. Ali said “Sure mother of course I go” and ran to the fish store. When he arrived to the store he said “Uncle Fisher 10 kilos of anchovy, it should be fresh”. Fisher “of course my son, I’ll give the freshest ones. Don’t worry”. After Uncle Fisher gave him the fish, Ali headed home. When he arrived home, he said “Mommy, I’ve brought the fish. You can take them.” When his mother opened the bag, fish were all rotten away. His mother called Ali and said “take these back”. When Ali took them back, Uncle apologized and gave very fresh fish and threw away the rotten ones. He had a very meticulous and immaculate shop ever after and end of this story.

• No big editions has been made in order to keep the authenticity of the texts. However, it is estimated that there are some missing words and they were added to the texts in italics.